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 Test the theory, change the narrative

Test the Theory, Change the Narrative 

Diversity and inclusion must be at the heart of teaching, learning, and research. These case studies focus on how coursework and research about and for “real people” can better connect scholarship and the community. They also highlight the path to higher education for underrepresented populations.

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 Build capacity and infrastructure, encourage empathy

Build Capacity & Infrastructure, Encourage Empathy

An environment where marginalized, emerging, and so-called nontraditional populations — such as military veterans, disabled persons, and the undocumented — can thrive is possible, but institutions must first lay the groundwork and create the spaces where inclusion can flourish.

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 Let the data speak

Let the Data Speak

Excellence in diversity and inclusion requires rigor and a shift to a culture of deliberate planning and assessment aimed at developing and measuring a more positive climate for all students, faculty, and staff.

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